E-Mopeds are propelled by an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery, making them not only very cheap to run and maintain but also much kinder to the environment.

As a clean, green and enjoyable way to travel electric scooters offer a serious alternative to other forms of transport whether for commuting, domestic or leisure.

They are also being used commercially for courier and delivery work.

There are no gears to worry about – power is progressively controlled, so the ride is similar to that of an automatic scooter.

Electric scooters are much quieter than petrol scooters although they are not completely silent and can be safely heard by other road users.

Let's Join the green revolution with the Tarang electric Moped.

Speed 30km/hour
Battery Capacity 48V/12AH Lead Acid Battery
Charging Time 5 to 6 Hours
Range 40 to 45Km per charge
Motor Power 250 watt
Unit Consumption 3 Units
Suspension Front & Rear
Load Capacity 120kg
Seat Adjusment Up-Down
Accessories Front Basket
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